About our campaign

Liverpool is once again leading the way to protect the health of people in our city. We want to make sure that people know the dangers of using sunbeds so they can make an informed choice before using one.

A Cancer Research UK study found that 50% of girls aged 15 – 17 in Liverpool have used a sunbed compared to 11% nationally. Liverpool City Council couldn’t just ignore this, so we developed The Look to Die For? public health campaign.

The campaign is being supported by the local NHS in Liverpool as well as Cancer Research UK and St. Moriz.

In addition to sharing information about the dangers of sunbeds with teenagers and parents in Liverpool, we are also reaching out to role models and influencers to support our campaign.

We’re also petitioning to ask the Government to give every local authority in England, the power to license and regulate sunbed businesses to make sure they educate users about the risks of sunbed use.

If you would like to help support our campaign or if you are a professional who would like to know more, then we’d love to hear from you! To contact us or to request more information please use the form below.

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