Celebrity story: Gemma Merna

Gemma Merna: Why I binned the beds!

We chatted with the glamorous Hollyoaks star about why she’ll never use a sunbed again!


I used to go on sunbeds a lot with my friends and I’d burn all the time. I stopped because there was no point going through the pain and I knew it was bad for my skin.

I had a UV skin check recently and was amazed at the damage I saw. I’m now really aware of how many people die of skin cancer each year and I’ll never use the sunbed again.


“Sunbeds are the root of so many problems it’s scary!”

It does feel really good when you have a tan doesn’t it? But you really don’t want to age before your time, and you can get really good fake tans! Instead of having Botox and all that, it’s nice to just look after your skin from the start.