How risky is your sunbed?

We compared the sunbed use of 3 Liverpool girls to find out how dangerous their use is.

My mates use them so they must be safe, right?


Chloe – Sunbed use – once a month

“I barely ever use them! Just before I go on holiday or to a party”

Debbie – Sunbed use – once a week

“I only use them once a week to keep myself tanned for the weekend”

Stacy – Sunbed use – three times a week

“I use sunbeds loads, but nobody I know has got cancer from them”


All 3 of these girls are at increased risk of skin cancer.

Using a sunbed once a month or more could increase the risk of skin cancer by 50%

Who is most at risk from sunbeds?

Some people are more likely than others to develop skin cancer. You should NEVER use a sunbed if:

You have fair or freckly skin

Burn easily

Have a lot of moles

Have had skin cancer in the past

Have a family history of skin cancer