Real life story: Justine

My Life with sunbeds and skin cancer

Justine, from Liverpool, developed skin cancer at 36 and knows first-hand just how important avoiding sunbeds is.

At 15 I was obsessed with having a tan – I’d go on holiday for 2 weeks, come home, use the sunbed for 3 months to keep my tan up and then go away on another holiday. It was a continual cycle, until I was diagnosed with skin cancer.

People often think it’s just a spot and it can be removed, but it isn’t. Malignant melanoma is a very serious cancer. I never believed that I’d ever get skin cancer but now I had it, and I was terrified!

They removed it from my chest, but then I got it on my back and on my head too. My world collapsed, I just wish I’d gone to the doctor earlier or spoken to my mum about it.

Mums need to talk to their girls more about skin cancer and sunbeds; it could save their life. Make sure your daughter knows the dangers of using sunbeds. If she wants to be tanned, buy her fake tan and help her use it.

“Finding cancer early could save your child’s life”