What’s your skin hiding?

The cosmetic damage that sunbeds do to your skin is often invisible, but thanks to new scanning technology we can now see the cosmetic damage.

Our ultraviolet scanner shows the usually invisible cosmetic skin damage that can be caused from overexposure to UV from the sun or sunbeds.

The machine shows cosmetic damage such as signs of premature ageing (e.g. wrinkles and pigmentation), not skin cancer.

Once you see the damage you can start to make a change. We’re offering free UV scans and advice about how to protect your skin at community health events in Liverpool.

Visit our events here…

15 October 2013, 12-3pm, Mab Lane Youth Centre, Croxteth Road, L14 8XX

23 October 2013, 11am-2pm, Anfield Sports and Community Centre, Lower Breck Road, Anfield, Liverpool, L6 0AG

26 October 2013, 10-1pm, Croxteth Lifestyles, Altcross Road, L11 0BS

28 October 2013, 11am-6pm, Pink Lady Breast Cancer Open Day, Town Hall, High Street, L2 3SW

26 November 2013, 11-2pm, Voice of Nations Event, City Centre, 4 Anson Street, L3 5NY

13 December 2013, 11-2pm, Women’s Health and Pamper Event, Dovecot MAC, Back Dovecot Place, L14 9BA