Beat spots without the sunbed

How many times have you heard that a friend of a friend’s doctor said sunbeds are great for clearing spots? We all have!

Your GP can offer advice or treatment if you have any concerns about any skin conditions, but they wouldn’t suggest sunbeds to cure acne.

 So what else can you do to beat spots the safe way? We chat with beauty expert Katherine Gotts for advice…

Q. Is there anything I can doto help avoid getting spots?

A. Yes! First find out what skin type you have; is it sensitive, normal, dry, oily or a combination? Once you know what skin type you are, you should make sure that you use the correct products to remove your make-up or clean your face in the morning and night.

Sensitive skin – You should avoid products that have perfume in them. The perfume can irritate your skin.

Normal skin – You should be fine with most products. Lucky you!

Dry skin- Make sure that you moisturise your face after you clean it.
(It can also help to buy hydrating face masks)

Oily skin – You should not use products with any oil in. This can make your skin worse.

Combination skin – You may have to get different products for different areas on your face.

There are also a number of things you can do to help keep your skin clear, whatever skin type you are. Eating healthy and drinking lots of water can really help and if you suffer with black heads you should use a facial exfoliator on the area every 2-3 days.

 Q. I always get spots at the worse times! How can I hide them?

A. Two words: green concealer! If you wear makeup, just apply a little bit of it to your spot. This is great for hiding the redness that comes with the spot, then you just apply your make up as normal over the top, and like magic, your spot will vanish!

Q. How else can I help keep my skin clear and spot free?
We’ve all done it before but it will really dry out your skin, particularly if you already have dry skin. If you want to avoid spots it’s important that you always try to use a face wash that’s designed to be kinder to your skin. If you’re currently using soap, switching to a face wash could really help improve your complexion.