Your fake tan questions answered…

Tanning experts at St.Moriz answer all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about using fake tan…


Q: If I use fake tan do I still need to wear sunscreen?

A: Yes, definitely. Whilst fake tan is a much safer alternative to get a tan with than a sunbed, it does not protect you from the sun. Use a sunscreen with an SPF15+ as well as shade, clothing and sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn.

Q: How do I know which type of fake tan product or colour to use?

A: It all depends on your age, skin tone and skin type. For more detail check out the section on types of fake tan

Q: How long should I feel sticky for after I have applied fake tan?

A: Only a few moments whilst the tan dries and settles into your skin. If you still feel sticky later on it’s because you’ve applied too much on the first application.

Q: How long does the ‘tan’ smell last for?

A: At first you shouldn’t have a strong tan smell however, a smell can occur once your tan begins to develop. Once you’ve showered the smell should begin to disappear. Try a scented or fragranced moisturiser after showering which will also keep our skin rich with moisture.

Q: How can I stop my tan going patchy as it fades?

A: Easy – moisturise daily, keeping your skin hydrated. This will keep your tan smooth and silky. On day two/three lightly exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.

Q: What is a colour guide?

A: It’s an instant, non-permanent bronze colour which will appear on your skin whilst you’re tanning. Its purpose is to: A) highlight where you have and haven’t tanned, B) give you an instant colour whilst your tan develops.

Q: How often do I need to reapply my fake tan?

A: As often as you like! But, do make sure to wash off the guide colour between applications and now and again make sure you have a good exfoliate to create a “clean” base, avoiding too much product build up.

Q: How can I avoid streaks?

A: Make sure you have prepared your skin properly; exfoliate your skin before, make sure you shave 24 hours before you tan so your skin has time to settle, ALWAYS apply using a mitt. Work in small sections starting from the bottom of your body upwards.

Q: I sometimes get dark spots on my legs after tanning, what shall I do?

A: Dark spots appear when the tan has settled into your pores. Don’t tan straight after a shower as this is when your pores open. Allow time for your skin to settle before tanning. The same applies for shaving your legs, do this the day/night before and have a go at shaving your legs with conditioner – it works a treat for us.

Q: What about my feet and ankles – isn’t that a tell-tale sign of a fake tan?

A: Simply moisturise feet, ankles, knees, wrists and elbows before applying fake tan.

Q: Can I use fake tan on your face?

A: Yes, but choose your product carefully. Lotions are ideal for using on your face. Simply mix the tanning lotion with your usual facial moisturiser (about half and half) and apply. If you didn’t want to use a developing fake tan, you could try an instant tan for your face. This gives you an instant colour boost and glow, is water resistant but can be washed off!

Q: How do I remove my tan?

A: Have a long soak in an oily bath – baby oil is good (careful not to slip!). We also like to use an exfoliation scrub and gloves to help remove those difficult bits.

Q: What shall I do if I make a mistake?

A: You can either instantly wash off the tan if as long as it hasn’t began to develop or to remove any unwanted tan use whitening toothpaste.

Q: How can I ensure my tan lasts for longer?

A: The secret is exfoliating before you tan. Removing all the dead skin will allow your tan to develop better and last for longer. Once your tan has developed and you’ve showered, moisturise every day.

Q: What if it comes off onto my bedding and clothes?

A: Make sure to choose a water-based product that should easily wash out.
Usually it is the guide colour that comes off on bedding and clothes. Lay an old bed sheet or towel down for the first night and wear dark loose clothing whilst your tan develops.
Once you’ve showered off the guide colour you should be ok. However, more delicate fabrics like silk are ones to be wary of. If you are wearing an item of clothing that is made of a delicate fabric have a couple of showers beforehand to ensure all excess colour has been removed from your skin.


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