What type of fake tan product is best for me?

There are lots of different types of fake tan products out there. Our handy guide below will give you tips for choosing the best one for you based on the result you are trying to achieve and your level of experience using fake tan…Instant tans: easy application, perfect for all ages and skin types and tones



Easy application, great for beginners with normal or oily skin

  • Easy to apply
  • Not messy
  • Instant colour which helps to highlight any areas you’ve missed
  • Fast drying and long lasting
  • If you have dry skin and use mouse products a lot they can dry your skin out, so occasionally switch to a tanning lotion to add a little bit of moisture back into your skin!


Easy application, great for beginners, especially those with dry skin

  • Perfect for tanners with dry or mature skin as it is moisturising
  • Can be missed with moisturiser for a more subtle shade or for use on the face


Best for experienced tanners

  • Perfect for the confident tanner or for those who like to top up their tan
  • Best suited to people with naturally smoother skin