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We know we can make a difference. If the people of Liverpool come together and speak with one voice, we can help make sunbed  businesses act more responsibly.

England worryingly trails behind the rest of the UK when it comes to making sure sunbed users are educated about the risks of sunbed use. Local authorities in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales already have the power to license and regulate sunbed businesses.

Evidence shows using a sunbed for the first time before the age of 35 increases the risk of developing the most serious form of skin cancer by 59%, so the public has the right to know the risks involved, which is not currently the case.

Support our campaign – The Look To Die For? – in which we are asking the Government to give every local authority in England the power to license and regulate sunbed businesses, ensuring sunbed users in England have the same level of information and protection found in the rest of the UK.

We want to ensure that every sunbed business:

  • Is supervised by a properly trained member of staff
  • Displays and provides sunbed users with detailed information about how to use a sunbed and the associated health risks
  • Does not display or provide misleading information
  • Provides protective eyewear for users
  • Follows health and safety rules

Together we can reduce the number of people exposed to the dangerous rays of sunbeds.

To show your support, sign our petition at: HMRC petitions link

You don’t need to be from Liverpool to show your support, we’re asking for these changes to be made across the whole of England so join us now to protect people in your area.